Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Atlanta's "Snowmare"

Perhaps you've watched scenes of Atlanta's snowfall nightmare? Yep, Atlanta is crippled by an inch or two of snow and ice. This year's event began in the middle of the day, so schools opened and then children were stuck, some overnight, at those schools. Highways were clogged; surface streets impassable. My landscaper was stuck in traffic for 6 hours trying to reach home 7 miles away. I have heard of as long as 15 hours commute home. People were abandoning cars, or running out of gas, adding to the problems. Horror of horrors, I heard a Waffle House closed because it ran out of food. BUT, you can see all that on the TV. Mine is currently off.

I wanted to capture some of the beauty of the snow-in:
The landscaper, Ada Yuen of Eastern Redbud, delivered shrubs (and trees) to my yard on Monday. 
She had already finished placing the stone path and patio.
I love the pattern snow created on my old table.
Here is an idea of how deep the snow was on my front walk. I love my UGGs! They have been my best footwear investment to date. No kidding.
I planted this Leyland Cypress, purchased from the horiculture department for less than $5, the year I turned 50. Remember, these trees grow really fast. Still, I get a reality check each time I look at it. Today it is reminding me of "grey around the edges."
These are concrete stars my Dad made and I dragged home to Georgia from Missouri.
AND here is the front of my house, minus the overgrown shrubs I had removed in December. Ada, the landscaper, was bothered by the fact I kept my trash can between the garage doors; she said it was the first thing she saw when she drove up. I have since moved it into the garage. She's right; the house didn't need a garbage can right in front.
Ada was working a trade show last week, and she picked up an arbor, concrete bench and this lovely statue for my yard.
I am calling her Persephone. Her story resonates with me.
Thomas Hart Benton's The Rape of Persephone
The painting shown at the previous link is housed at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City. Viewing it is always the highlight of my visit to the Museum. If you are ever in K.C. be sure to go to The Nelson. There has never been an admission charge, and lunch in the 15th century Italian style Rozzelle Court Restaurant is a don't miss opportunity.
I am getting my sewing machine set up so I can get a little gift project done. I may also work on my hexagons. On New Year's Eve I made 60 muslin hexagons, and then read the blog feedback saying the black fabric looked better; Mom and I decided we would look for an appropriate aubergine. I am not patient enough to look for new fabric (or pay for it), nor to make an additional 60 hexies. I am going to make do with what I have. Isn't that the real spirit of traditional quilting?


Kris said...

I have been watching on the news how crippled the South is with this snow and ice. Take care. Stay in if you can.

Lainee said...

I'm with you on the make do spirit of quilting!

Stay safe and warm!

WoolenSails said...

The weather sure is crazy. We got about the same amount here, woke up to snowing and a half hour later the sun was out. Love how everything looks after a snowfall and a sunny day.