Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday: Clean Golf Bag

Number of golf bags a beginning golfer needs?
Make that three: the blue one from Goodwill ($9), it has a metal hook in the bottom that is threating to tear up my grips (still, I love the stand), the brown one is a hand me down, and the pink I got (with a full set of still wrapped clubs) off Craig's list ($150).
I spent my day cleaning up the Belding bag; it had been stored in a basement for several years. My clubs don't match it, since they are pink, but I love this bag. I have one picked out on their website. Sage green. The only thing wrong with it is it doesn't have a stand.
I have to head over to the Club before the clubhouse is closed, so I can get my range balls. I was assigned homework at class yesterday (in 20 degree weather, I have wind burn on my face). Club toe up on back swing and exactly the same on the forward motion. Right. Then tonight I will put my shiney gold club labels on each club, so if I leave one somewhere it can find its way back to me.
Can you tell I'm having fun?


WoolenSails said...

I cannot imagine trying to hold a club and aim when I am shivering, lol. Nice bags and nice to have the large one for extra storage and the pink for a lighter fun bag.


Katie Paxton said...

you go girl